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So to start with camera i have to quote my post from evoweb

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thanks for sticky

as of questions about the time/subs/camera there is something i would like to share

the GAME has splitup instructions for parts of game and they are called Listeners lets call them a "managers"
Camera Listener is for managing camera [ and there are the subListeners ]
Match Mode Listener track activity about the match [weather/replay/stadium setup...]
Match Camera Listener/Match Collision Listener/Post Collision Listener/Match Object Listener.....

once "managers" are editable it will be a dream modding
this are just some of them i could think of and you could check that its a true by looking in the debugger and setting up the BP on access to commands/"managers" 

i will give more on that when the time is right[/QUOTE]

Game has managers called Listeners that track and organize how it works

Lets se camera
Lets start up game and cheat engine attached to pes2017.exe
Go to training and set AI to 3 players so we wont have much changes in memory
Go to camera and set it to custom 020
Switch to CEngine and search for float 0.200000003 as rounded
Go to camera and set it to custom 030
Switch to CEngine and do next scan for 0.300000019 as rounded
You will endup at 2-3 results

Doing search for what writes to addresses will take you to CameraListener
The camera listener write info for camera with size of a dword
Zoom opcode is fstp dword ptr (ecx+44)
Height opcode is fstp dword ptr eax+48
Angle opcode is fstp dword ptr edx+4C

So it faststorespointer in qword format from registry's

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