Commentary-Server [ mediafire links ]

 Some people reported that they cant acces files stored on mega So i have posted Commentary-Server to mediafire Module and Map >>  DOWNLOAD Commentary >>>  Eng-Fra-Ger Commentary >>>   Ita-Spa-Jpn  Download commentators and unpack to content\commentary-server folder Visit home forum for any questions or Modules https://playpes.rs/forum/alati-i-ostalo-92/ Support by Donating via PayPal : nesa24casa2@gmail.com Stay safe

FoV module is OUT!

 Module to manage game FoV https://playpes.rs/forum/alati-i-ostalo-92/sider-module-playpes-rs-pes2021-fov-module/ Donate to support PAYPAL: nesa24casa2@gmail.com

Commentary server module

 Commentary Server is out! https://playpes.rs/forum/alati-i-ostalo-92/sider-module-128515128523128293128515128523128293128515128523128293/

PlayPES.rs PES21 GamePlay moDULE for 1.3.0

 I have posted gameplay module to my base forum Visit to download and support https://playpes.rs/forum/alati-i-ostalo-92/sider-module-playpes-rs-pes2021-gameplay-module/#new PAYPAL : nesa24casa2@gmail.com

Engine Editor v1.00 is OUT!

 Engine Editor v1.00 is OUT! https://playpes.rs/forum/alati-i-ostalo-92/tool-engine-editor-v1-00/ Have Fun and report bugs/problems/suggestions via email: nesa24casa2@gmail.com or visit PlayPES.rs forum Support by donating via PayPal: nesa24casa2@gmail.com

3 day away from release

3 days away from v1 of engine editor 3 days