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PES18 BroadCast Zoom Disabler

Tool that disables boradcast camera zoom

DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwoPXxsHzod7N19qSFlCVU5vLW8/view?usp=sharing

*How to use it Extract PES18BCDT.exe and copy to folder where pes2018.exe is Run PES18BCDT.exe and Click DISABLE
*Supported verions Only STEAM 1.02
To customize BROADCAST cam use nesa24app from the blog
Copyright:nesa24 Support by donating via PayPal: nesa24casa2@gmail.com

nesa24app v1.00 - DOWNLOAD - 1st public version




MODULES for STEAM exe 1.02 Camera and gameplay STEAM modules update
NEW modules for STEAM exe 1.02 Sound and GFX booster DOWNLOAD audio ad GFX

*About app:
Over time of modding games i have faced issues that made me make this app
Its a memory editor focused on to be simple for end users

*Setting up new game
Open NESA24cfg.ini with notepad and add game name under [GENERAL] ExeName=
Create folder named same as game name and subfolders with name of profile [pro1/pro2/...]
Create xml files with game addresses and values
Run app and game

Setup profile keys and while game is running just press button

*XML parts
Game addresses
****DYNAMIC [ changes every time you restart game/pc ]
Example of dynamic:<Address>142ECFDA8>50>38</Address>
142ECFDA8 is base addres and 50 is first and 38 second offset

****STATIC  [ its allways same but changes with game updates ]
Example of static:<Address>141FE116EC</Address>

How do i find address if its not …