PES17 Camera Research update2 - Listeners

This post update on last one about camera research

So we know where and how to find camera value but what Manages it
as i wrote before Listeners keep game organized

0:03 >> So we take a value for Height and look in Memory what accesses it
0:05 >> we see that instruction loads float as dword [4bytes] from pointer in ecx+48 register
remember they are 4 bytes away zoom = ecx+44 height= ecx+48 angle=ecx+4C
0:14 >> we click on show dissasembler for that instruction
0:40 >> scroll up to see what was operations before
0:46 >> we see COMPARE EAX with 01 and EAX with 05 [ take a look at previos video at 2:20 01 and 05]
1:03 >> brake point on call BEFORE 01 compare and step into it
1:17 >> MOVE value from location of ECX to ECX
1:30 >> we go to address of ECX
1:50 >> in that address is stored adress where value for zoom/height/angle is stored
i scrolled up to point out that there realy are Listeners that Manage how game works
2:30 >> removed brakepoint so you guys could see changes of address that holds value


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