PES17 CameraResearch update

This continues first part of finding camera values


Video text
at 0:05 - i am clicking on first value that has cam HEIGHT as FLOAT and browsing that memory region
at 0:10 - going to dissect that area of date in memory and define it
at 0:25 - adding -4 bytes to include the zoom value
at 0:30 - i am changing value type [ shown value ] to FLOAT since most games use FLOATS for camera position
at 0:45 - you see on right side that zoom is changing from 1 to 0 as the value ingame inc  and on left side you have bytes that are changed in that section
at 0:55 - i am naming values since i know what they are
at 1:10 - i am showing you changes for angle since its our focus here
at 1:35 - scroll 1 row up so you could see the zoom changes
at 1:58 - setting camera angle to 10 so you could see changes when switching camera
at 2:20 - setting cameraID value that also changes
from that point on you see changes and issues with locking and workarounds

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