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[QUOTE="Kevorki, post: 3176390, member: 274686"]I've played around with this, found a pointer for these camera values, so one doesn't have to search for them every time -
  • cam1 values are the ones actually used for rendering
  • they are overwritten every time the camera resets (ball goes out of the field, fouls, menus, ...) with values from cam2
  • after exiting a menu, values in cam2 are overwritten by a function that converts those sliders in camera settings (so 0-10) to the actual floating point representation
  • it also contains the 4 values nesa24 changes with his gameplay patch (didn't really looked into what they affect, one of them has definitely something to do with fouls though)
If you change the values in cam1 and freeze them, you can change the custom camera settings to whatever craziness you like and actually play with it -[/QUOTE]

video how to use table


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