PES17 Patcher v1.2 - DOWNLOAD

Second version of gameplay tool

This year we have better game but it has some issues
This is my effort trying to make this game that we love a better one

Focus is on balanced gameplay based on user suggestions

Gameplay is for STEAM 1.02 version of game and use it OFFLINE

To use it COPY tool to game folder / Run patcher / click Patch
Tool shows version of gameplay that is active [ KONAMI or nesa24 ] in lower part

Again If you support my work on editing games and trying to make them better please donate! Cheers
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  1. When i score goal my players don't celebrate they just stand to the corner flag. That issue is from your patch or maybe is from galaxy patch?.

  2. Одговори
    1. Gameplay includes previos version
      If for some reason you liked 1st gameplay remove this one by clicking Konami and patch with 1.1 version of a tool

  3. After install gameplay i have to leave tool running or close it

  4. I play for many years pes and always i play super star level but this year is very very hard for me.
    And i want to ask if is the same for you to or is because am not very good player and i have to play lower level

  5. Thanks.
    I don't now if you notice but in super star level when i make through pass my players is like there hiding behind opponents, with normal pass most of the times my players give ball to opponents, is very hard to make any dribble opponents are always there to take the ball, when i have the ball and am running most of the times opponents are faster my players and i think referees are not fair.

  6. Do i have to copy paste tool to main folder of pet 2017 or to download folder?

  7. Can i play this with Pes Galaxy patch, and if i can, please explain how


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